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Rafael Molina Harno

May 15, 2023

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Following on from their origin story, here’s a look at why the ScorePlay team are in a unique position to grow the company and build the most powerful tool in sports media. They’re a group of dedicated "workflow nerds" who live and breath sports and understand the industry inside out from a business, media and fan perspective.

Part of a unique generation

The members of the ScorePlay team belong to a unique generation. They grew up in a time when sports were consumed in a particular way - the age-old broadcast era, eagerly awaiting the next game on TV or in a bar. Broadcasters were the storytellers. They ran the narrative. They built up the athlete stars. But as time went on, the ScorePlay team witnessed a monumental shift in the sporting landscape, as the digital era took hold and transformed the way they and other people engaged with their favourite teams and athletes. Sports teams had become de facto media companies but they weren’t in a position to take advantage.

Digitally native and natural problem solvers

As these tech-savvy individuals navigated the changing tides of the sports industry, they identified a pressing problem. The media workflows of sports organisations around the world were struggling to adapt to a new fast-paced digital environment. They saw the frustrations and inefficiencies caused by outdated systems and realised there was a dire need for a solution - a solution they knew how to build.

Fuelled by their deep passion for sports and their intimate understanding of media workflows, the ScorePlay team embarked on a mission. They combined their expertise, technological prowess, and unwavering determination to build something truly revolutionary. With their collective vision, they set out to build a cutting-edge digital asset management software tailor-made for the sports industry.

ScorePlay was not just another tool; it was destined to be the media infrastructure of the future, a game-changer for sports worldwide, for both legacy organisations and new franchises and leagues. The team poured their heart and soul into every line of code, ensuring that ScorePlay seamlessly automates existing workflows, solving long-standing pain points, and enhancing productivity like never before. Every new client was a new workflow to learn. And since they were dedicated to the industry, every co-constructed feature helped every other client too.

The ScorePlay quo

And so it became the backbone of organisations’ media operations, empowering them to efficiently manage, organise, and distribute their vast libraries of digital content. With ScorePlay, teams and leagues gained newfound agility, effortlessly adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

From capturing exhilarating moments on the field to delivering captivating stories to fans worldwide, ScorePlay has revolutionised the way sports organisations operate. It has transformed the way the industry works and creates,  bringing it into the digital age while honouring the rich traditions and deep-rooted passion that fuelled the ScorePlay team’s love for sports in the first place: putting the fans first.

Workflow nerds

The ScorePlay team's dedication and profound understanding of the sports industry propelled them to success. They became the heroes of media workflows, champions of efficiency, and custodians of the sports experience. True workflow nerds.

Photo credit: Wolves
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