Why we use Notion

Barbara Bergeaud

January 18, 2023

Thumbnail why we use notion

Notion has become the foundation of ScorePlay’s digital office, enabling all our employees to work collaboratively across continents, countries and teams. Barbara Bergeaud (COO) empowered growth by creating the company pillars on Notion. A remote-friendly lean startup requires a solution that enables its flexibility, agility and creativity.

The way is Notion

Not only does it offer a more organised and efficient way for us to collaborate and work remotely, it also allows us to databasify and create connections between different elements of our business. We provide the pulse of the sports media ecosystem but Notion is our heart: from our Wikis, personal workspaces, CRM, roadmaps, etc. It’s all connected. With 3 offices, and employees in 7 different countries, and 5 different teams, Notion allows us to be nimble and react in a fast-paced growing environment. From the job boards to the onboarding to the day to day and investors documentations, we use Notion at every level. Starting from the ScorePlay Manual, new ScorePlayers can immediately dive in to everything ScorePlay. Personal workspaces are custom-made to fit the onboarding needs of any employee to ensure they have all the tools to be in the best position.

Our four core databases — CRM, product roadmap, project database, and content roadmap —form our foundation. By connecting all these elements within our Notion, we are able to create an overview of our current projects and quickly access the information we need. This improves our collaboration and productivity, and keeps us on track with our goals.

Customer Relationship Management (Sales)

We were able to move away from using Hubspot and create a customised CRM that meets our specific needs, and that we tailor for each market, sales rep, or vertical. It allows us to track every lead, collaborate between sales reps and connect analytics to follow key metrics. It helps us to improve our sales processes and make sure that everything is in one place - easily accessible by the whole organisation for complete transparency. This helps us to stay organised and efficient in our sales process. It also allows us to quickly access the information we need and keep track of our goals. Leaving a legacy tool and going for Notion vastly improved our flexibility using personalized properties, relations to different databases, personal todos, simplified meeting notes, templates, etc.

Product roadmap (Product & Tech)

Our Notion Product Roadmap is a critical element of our workflows and processes at ScorePlay. Notion provides us with the agility to create a completely customised product roadmap that perfectly meets our needs. We are able to prioritise features based on customer feedback, and keep all suggested improvements in one database. This allows us to quickly access the information we need. With templates, we are also able to define the problem, link any customer feedback, and scope potential solutions. Our product updates and wikis are intertwined so that any new feature is thoroughly explained by the dev in charge to the rest of the team.

Notion enables us to interlink all teams, from tech sprints, to product feedback from sales and customer success, to product managers and marketing. This helps us to stay organised and efficient in our product process. With Notion, we are able to have a single source of truth in a rapidly changing environment.

Project database (Ops)

When building a remote-friendly team, there are many questions that arise, such as: how to ensure good communication and how to collaborate seamlessly and asynchronously. We quickly realized that a project pipeline would be essential. Notion has become the go-to choice for it. Similar to a tech roadmap, our project database allows us to easily map our current projects and have an overview of what's happening at ScorePlay right now from every single team. Everyone can stay informed, and we catch each other up with weekly all-hands, which are organized with the Notion Project Database. This helps us to stay organized and efficient, with all our projects, tasks, and objectives in one place, so we’re ready to meet our goals and easily work with anyone in the team.

Content roadmap (Marketing)

Our Content Roadmap is an essential element of our marketing and content workflows at ScorePlay, and Notion provides us with the flexibility and agility to create a completely customised roadmap that perfectly meets our needs.

The custom pages enable us to be creative with our content, while templates for different content formats provide an efficient way to structure our work with series of content. Live collaboration allows us to share content with colleagues and stakeholders for validation, with specific validation views making it easy for specific sales reps to check what is left to be validated. Custom permissions allow us to protect our content while still sharing it with the people we need to. All this helps us to stay organised while building content that highlights our product, company, clients and expertise. Notion AI also adds a little something too.

About ScorePlay

When combined with the right tools, Notion can quickly become the centre of your organisation. At ScorePlay, we built our whole infrastructure using Notion, n8n, claap, and Metabase. With these tools, we’re ready for scale.

Notion gives us the power to execute our strategy and hit our targets. We believe in the centralisation of workflows within sports media, and our internal workflows need centralisation too. The connections between databases means we can remain transparent and organised in a fast-paced remote-friendly startup environment.

ScorePlay automates the centralisation, classification and distribution of sports media assets with AI. A media hub built for the sports industry. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting, from club-photographer content, to UGC all through ScorePlay Pulse. Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo and video sharing made easy.

Photo credit: 1. FC Köln
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