Why we have offsites

Rafael Molina Harno

May 3, 2023

thumbnail why we use offsites

In mid-April, we had the chance to reunite the whole team in the Algarve, in a beautiful house with sea views and a windmill. Since we last had an offsite in September, there had been 3 new recruits, our CEO moved to New York, we had signed several league and federations, and the product had advanced incredibly on both photo and video features. These moments are hard to come by so it was a great opportunity to take a minute, get to know each other in a non-professional setting and reflect on everything we’d done right (and wrong) over the past 8 months.

Project Big Chill

Being part of a project like ScorePlay has been incredibly exciting for every member of the team, as we’ve grown exponentially, developed a product at breakneck speed and completely disrupted an antiquated industry. However, as we reach this stage of ScorePlay’s growth, it was time to step back and think about what we could do better. Just like we had developed a product to help our clients with improved workflows and efficiency, we applied that internally. How can we communicate better? How can we build more efficiently? How can we include our clients even more in the co-construction of the software? How can we automate tasks that waste time? Much work to be done.

Some of the highlights, inspired by our friends at Air.

Barbara and Peter (Our operations specialists) took the time in the weeks before to review the ops of the whole company and scheduled time for projects every day of the week. This was an opportunity for product, tech, sales, ops and marketing to come together and voice their opinions, and their frustrations, as we developed solutions to improve. During the week, we worked on the product roadmap, product suites, sales operations, product marketing, and user experience. Taking the time to digest and move forward as one has created a platform for healthy growth, and happy employees. Like many companies, we say we value two-way transparency - this proved it. No hierarchy, just a group of young entrepreneurs pushing on with their plan to completely revolutionise the sports media ecosystem.

A dollop of fun too

And obviously, you don’t get everyone reunited from 8 different countries and 3 continents just to discuss ops and product roadmaps. There was a lot of cooking (cooking for 14 people and 3 different dietary requirements in a small kitchen is no small feat), some tennis, some padel and ping-pong, and realising that our front-end developers Ian and Erick are easily the best snooker players in the company - possibly in the entire sports tech industry. And of course plenty of time to chill by the pool, and we even found a moment for some class photos.

A group of ScorePlayers trying to deal with the sun in their eyes.

Only place to be and work

We might be biased, but we think ScorePlay is the place to be. Not just because of what we’re building, but of who we’re building it with. We’ve created a team of hungry entrepreneurs eager to learn on the job and push the limits of our capacities and innovation; to co-construct the best media tool for the sports industry of the future. We’re remote friendly (and have regular off-sites in sunny Portugal) and have created the workflows that make us extremely efficient despite our distance.

If you’re interested in joining the growing team and project, check out our openings, and how we use Notion, Discord and stand-ups to maintain our productivity.

Photo credit: Our wonderful in-house photographer Raf (who is also our best writer and very humble)
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