Why media solutions are essential to Press Agencies

Paul Mingarelli

January 23, 2023

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Press agencies are crucial to the sports industry. They capture the most iconic moments from the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, Formula One, and tennis Grand Slams, to name but a few. With thousands of photographers attending most sports events, they generate a tremendous amount of visual content. For instance, AP’s collection alone contains c.35 million photos! However, as the demand for visual content increases, press agencies need to keep up with the times and adopt tech solutions to ease their workflow and meet high-performance expectations.

Why DAM or MAM solutions are crucial

Managing a vast amount of content can be a nightmare. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except that haystack has tons of needles. Indeed, most press agencies spend a significant amount of time identifying the athletes and brands showcased in their assets, and tagging the one by one. To make matters worse, press agencies have to classify this content efficiently and do so incredibly quickly to meet their demand. Without a robust Digital or Media Asset Management (DAM or MAM) solution, it's almost impossible to keep track of all their media assets. DAM and MAM solutions are designed to handle the growing demands of the sports industry, from simple photos and videos to long broadcast footage - and can make work infinitely more automated thanks to solutions like AI.

Sophisticated solutions for complex workflows

Press agencies have an extremely complex workflow. Unlike sports clubs that have just a couple teams’ media content to manage, press agencies have to juggle content from thousands of teams simultaneously. This means they need to centralise content coming from different photographers and locations, and execute these workflows with speed and efficiency. News agencies transmit their content to a variety of clients, each using different servers and CMS, which makes content distribution a herculean task. A sophisticated MAM can provide press agencies with the correct media tools to not only centralise all their content, but also to classify it to create a central archive, and give them automatic ways of content distribution.

Heard of ScorePlay?

Introducing ScorePlay, an exceptional Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that outshines its competitors in the sports industry. Working with over 100 sports organisations worldwide, ScorePlay was built hand—in-hand with the best in the industry to create a tool for teams, leagues, broadcasters and press agencies. Press agencies can rely on ScorePlay's advanced technology to address all their content management needs:

  • Cutting-edge AI-powered facial recognition for athletes and text recognition for partners to enhance content classification. This technology streamlines the process of managing large volumes of content and helps press agencies stay ahead of their competition.
  • Seamless integration with SportRadar, enabling ScorePlay to acquire all the necessary schedules and team information for various sports competitions automatically and simultaneously.
  • Unlimited number of users and teams with defined access for each.
  • Effortless content and metadata transfers between servers through FTP connectors, simplifying assets’ distribution.
  • Reduction of workflow timeline, enabling press agencies to get news out very quickly.

With ScorePlay, press agencies can breathe easy, reduce workflow time, classify content efficiently, and distribute content with ease: the only thing they need to focus on is capturing the next iconic moment in sports history.

Photo credit: West Ham United F.C. (Avril Husband)
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