Sponsors are splashing.

How has the pandemic affected commercial deals in football?

Deloitte's 2021 Football Money League report dives into how clubs fared financially during the pandemic. ScorePlay reflects on the role of sponsors in the modern game.

More important than ever

Among the Money League's Top 10, 9 clubs generate a majority of their revenue from sponsors, with the average share at 49%.

Survived the pandemic

Matchday and broadcasting revenues fell dramatically during the past season (17% and 23%). Commercial revenue increased by 2%.

Strategy defining

As broadcasters reconsider the enormous sums they pay, clubs must focus on sponsors and ways of increasing the value of deals.

As the report indicates, it is crucial for clubs' sustainability to align themselves with their sponsors' objectives. They must also demonstrate clear value add.

ScorePlay helps clubs prove the ROI of their deals with sponsors.
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