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So you're getting harassed by your players for pictures of the weekend's big win that they can post on socials, your marketing team is breathing down your neck with requests for content and the Dropbox link with exactly nine hundred and ninety seven painstakingly selected pictures you sent to your biggest sponsor just expired...and it's only Monday morning. Sounds like you need a media asset manager.

What's that, you say? Glad you asked. A Media Asset Manager (and its very similar but slightly different cousin, the Digital Asset Manager) is a tool that centralises all of your content - photos, videos, etc - in a single platform. Here, you can classify and organise your media as you fit, and can search for and select the perfect picture to download or share with anyone. In 11 words, it's a hub to efficiently organise and distribute your media.

They've been around for a while. Bynder and Photoshelter are respectively 8 and 16 years old, but not specific to sports. They both offer a handy, wide-ranging solution that caters to everyone from freelancers to enterprises. Though they've since branched out to other industries, when it comes to sports digital content distribution there's only one OG in the game - Greenfly.

The new kids on the block (that's us, ScorePlay!) and the industry veterans (Greenfly), how do they compare?

In one sentence...

The Greenfly software platform and versatile mobile app enable the collection, curation, organization and distribution of short-form digital media from anywhere to anyone.

ScorePlay is an AI driven media workspace that helps sports organisations automatically manage, distribute and monetize their media assets.


Centralised platform for content

Greenfly provides an effective but basic content hub. Media can be uploaded directly to the desktop platform or mobile app. There are good integrations opportunities with third-party systems, but the major drawback is that content tagging is done manually for every single picture. They're not a Media Asset Manager.

Communication hub

The group messaging functionality is pretty handy - it allows all parties, notably players, admin staff, various teams and sponsors, to communicate amongst themselves. It's cool, but essentially  WhatsApp + email integrated in Greenfly.

Distribution channels

When it comes to distribution, it's hands down the best app in the game, and really Greenfly's USP. Players are big fans of how easy it is to share content and stay on brand, right in the App. The focus is mainly on the athletes. Not much is mentioned about sharing through web platforms.

AI driven platform

ScorePlay's platform is an All-In-One tool that centralises your pictures and videos. Our Artificial Intelligence automatically tags key information (like sponsors and players) and classifies it in neat folders by event (matches, training, photoshoots, charity events, etc). We're also synced with your match calendar. Within minutes of uploading hundreds of pictures you can search for the perfect shot by using keywords.

Dedicated Sponsor Management Tool

Sponsors are the key stakeholder for clubs. So ScorePlay builds a dedicated library of curated content that is automatically updated with new content that features sponsors, which they can access through their own ScorePlay platform. Our Analytics section also measures reach on socials to prove ROI of sponsorship deals.

The Mobile App

Our mobile automatically shares relevant content with players. They search for pictures of themselves and their teammates and post to socials directly through the app. It's not quite on Greenfly's level yet, but we're getting there!



Greenfly has premium prices. They're the biggest and loudest brand in sports media management, but they're exclusive to large organisations. They only really work with hyper-prestigious organisations that can afford those premium prices. The pricing model is not clear but's definitely in the several tens of thousands per year.


ScorePlay provides a premium product at more affordable prices. And though we do have major league clients, we're not shy of working with less mainstream names - we love helping smaller teams grow. We just adapt our pricing model depending on number of players, users, features needed, etc. We're flexible, and we know our partners appreciate that.

User Experience


Greenfly's breadwinner is their app, and it's great. It's intuitive, smooth, powerful - the athletes especially love it. There is little information about their dashboard, and whilst it's surely a fine tool, it appears to be a generic product that's been repurposed for Greenfly, so not exactly tailor made.


We describe ourselves as problem-driven and product-centric. We religiously update and refine our platform to meet our client's most bespoke needs. Our UI and UX has to be impeccable - we're that obsessed with it. Part of our mission is to demystify SaaS in sports, so our tech has to be immediately usable by anyone. ScorePlay is beautiful, minimalistic and intuitive - just ask Laura Brannan of Motherwell FC.


Greenfly is good for sports organisations that have big budgets, are focused on marketing their players and ready to pay for it. Its pricing makes it prohibitive for many clubs and sports. The app is great, but the dashboard seems to be more generic. Though there is an element of sponsor management, it's not a main feature.

Greenfly has also branched out into other industries, notably political campaigning and entertainment. With this in mind, it should be viewed mainly as an excellent distribution channel for athletes. They're not really a comprehensive media asset management tool dedicated to sports organisations.

ScorePlay is the first media workspace focused on the Sports industry. We're great for organising classifying and finding the right content. Our sponsorship management solutions help clubs unlock the full value of their media assets by proving ROI of sponsorship deals. And whilst our app isn't ready to challenge Greenfly's (yet), we're working on it.

Our affordable and scalable pricing model means we're open for business with teams of all sizes and budgets, and we're 100% focused on sports, so no distractions. We see ourselves as an All-On-Solution - a neat and tidy home base for all of a club's media.


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