ScorePlay in 2 minutes

Barbara Bergeaud

January 22, 2023

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New to the product? Wondering what the all-in-one media hub is really about? Let Peter walk you through it.

1. First media hub designed, built and tested by sports, for sports organisations, to fit their needs and save them time. Unleash your visual storytelling with ScorePlay.

ScorePlay helps you to manage, streamline and share your media content across multiple platforms. ScorePlay is the ultimate tool for sports organisations, as it was designed together with sports organisations, allowing you to focus on creativity while ScorePlay takes care of the rest.

2. Bringing light to the chaos of media tools in the sports industry.

ScorePlay helps to simplify the media landscape for sports organisations by providing an all-in-one platform for managing, streaming and sharing media content. The current landscape is filled with so many tools, that means sports orgs are inefficient and lose time switching and integrating between, when there could just be one solution.

3. Automatically added teams, schedules for seamless classification: content should be your only focus

ScorePlay simplifies the way sports organisations manage content by automatically adding teams and schedules for easy categorisation. This allows organisations to focus solely on content creation, instead of having to worry about the logistics. ScorePlay is the ultimate tool for sports organisations, taking the hassle out of managing and sharing media content.

4. Automatic tagging of athletes and partners using AI, associating them to the right event.

ScorePlay's AI-driven technology makes it easier for sports organisations to manage their content. Automatic tagging of athletes and partners allows organisations to easily associate them with the right event. This feature helps to keep content organised and makes it easier to access the right media quickly. With ScorePlay, organisations can save time and effort by automating the tagging process, allowing them to focus on creating engaging content.

5. Everything becomes completely searchable.

ScorePlay's advanced search features make it easier than ever to find the right media quickly. With powerful search capabilities, organisations can quickly find the exact content they are looking for, no matter how large their library is. This eliminates the need to manually search through content.

6. Collaboration with Projects internally and externally.

ScorePlay makes it easy to collaborate with both internal and external teams. With the Projects feature, organisations can create projects and assign tasks to team members, both internally and externally. ScorePlay's collaboration tools make it easier than ever for sports organisations and partners to work together, no matter where they are in the world.

7. Use the ScorePlay App to send and receive content.

The ScorePlay App and Athlete App makes it easy to send and receive content to and from athletes. With the App, organisations can quickly and easily upload and store media, create content, and share it with external partners and internal teams. It also allows organisations distribute assets automatically.

Whether you’re a league, competition, club, agency, brand or federation, ScorePlay can help you.

Photo credit: Real Sociedad
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