Product update - October 2022

Dan Adetayo

October 21, 2022


What’s new in ScorePlay? | The monthly update

The App and Live mode are two of our most important features. Firstly, for the app we wanted to mirror your experience on the web platform so you can do everything on the go. We know sports is rushed sometimes, so these updates are meant to make your media life easier, in the midst of chaos. Meanwhile, Live Mode is so crucial to get real-time content out quickly, so we worked on making it even more efficient for you so you stress about more important things in those all-important moments.

Dan - Full-stack Dev

App updates

We implemented numerous updates for the app, to optimise your workflows on the go:

  • Bulk share, download & delete: you can now use bulk mode to share, download and delete so you can save time and work more efficiently.
  • Edit tags: you can now edit your tags directly on the app, so if you’re on the go and a change needs to be made, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Download organisation logos: offer your athletes the chance to download your organisation’s logos, so they can always be on brand, and you have direct access to them on the go too.
  • View sessions to validate: you can now view sessions that are ready for validation so you don’t have to wait to have access to your laptop to make the decision.
  • Make comments: collaborate more efficiently by making comments on different assets. Team work makes the dream work.
  • Search: search for assets directly on the app. Same efficient search engine. Smaller screen.
  • Share directly to athletes through the App: you can also now push share directly to athletes. One step closer to taking advantage of your biggest marketing asset.

We understand the importance of a powerful app.

Live mode

Live mode with FTP is one of our most important features for live sports workflows. We’ve added several new features that makes it even better and more efficient to use:

  • Connect your FTP account independently: no need to ask us anymore, click on the link and onboard anyone easily so they can be uploading live content in minutes.
  • Sort by date: sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you haven’t cleared your live mode section yet. Filter by date to find exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Sort by account to filter by photographer: need to collaborate with a certain photographer? Set the account filter up so you can see only the photos of that specific user. No swiping through pages trying to figure out who did what.

Coming soon 👀

  • Video collaboration: collaborate even more freely on videos. Comment, review, validate. Work made better. To compete with and Iconik.
  • Project management: manage your project from your media platform. Planning a piece of content? Announcement? Signing? Coordinate everything from the platform you love.

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