Product update - November 2022

Dan Adetayo

November 14, 2022

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What’s new in ScorePlay? | The November update

Collaborative Projects

Introducing Projects, to take your creative collaboration to the next level. Sports organisations need a collaborative space where they can share media, iterate over creation and publication, and validate projects internally and externally. Projects allow you to easily collaborate within your organisation, while also inviting external actors to give their feedback. Need to work with an agency on a video? Want to share certain files for the video but want to keep control? Don't want to flick through your different tools and endless email threads? We didn't either, and that's how we came up with projects. Review, validate, comment, elaborate, collaborate. All made easier on the only media tool you need. The Projects are separate from your main library, so you can keep your events and Projects separate.

Projects let you set a status, from Not started, In Progress, Needs Review to Approved, which means you can work easily with deadlines and a simple reviewal system. Comments allow you to share your thoughts quickly, and you can also invite specific users to engage, or for Final Approval. Of course, you can also set a description to provide context to new collaborators. Add the files you want to be part of the project, and keep track of any new comments or changes within the project. Have a few projects going? Keep track of them all from your Project tab, where you can sort by stage and save yourself tons of time.

You can also toggle privacy:

  • Public: all users who have access to the Projects tab can view the specific project. They're basically upgraded folders.
  • Invite-only: only users you invite will be able to collaborate with you.

App updates

We also implemented numerous updates for the app, mostly so you can collaborate on projects on the go, not just on the main platform:

  • Access projects
  • Create new projects
  • Comment (In Projects and any other asset)
  • Publish projects to library
  • New menu configuration

And one for your UX: long press on an asset to select. We followed industry trends and developed a long-press to select on the app. No more select button, just a seamless stream of your best assets.

Coming soon


Notification management

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