Product update - June 2022

Dan Adetayo

June 15, 2022


Hi again! 👋

We’re taking advantage of the European off-season to perfect certain elements of the product, as well as implementing some long-awaited features. Privacy is a key part of running a sports organisation, so without further ado, here is our brief on our new permissions.

See you next month - Dan Adetayo, Full-stack developer

⭐ Permissions spotlight ⭐

Millions of possibilities

We know that permissions are the cornerstone to any sports organisation’s foundation. Whether embargoing content, respecting confidentiality of players and partners or restricting access to external users, permissions are crucial. Every organisation has a different perspective, so we gave you all the cards you need to fully customise. We divided our platform into 15 different sections, that each have a varying amount of toggles to give you complete control over every user’s usage (and don’t worry, old user permissions have been migrated automatically).

73 different toggles. Millions of combinations.

Easily set-up with a simple design

Just like the rest of the platform, your admin can easily setup all your user permissions from settings. Every option is clearly labelled and divided into the different sections of the platform, each one completely tailorable. Your internal users tab will now give you an overview of all your users and their specific permissions so you can quickly and easily check the current setup. As always, remaining minimalist and keeping complexities to a minimum - and with so many possibilities, we think we succeeded.

Additional new features 🔍

Filter your platform

You can now customise your platform even more by grouping your main tags by filter. These will show up in your library and homepage if you so choose, and mean you can easily access what you need as soon as you enter. Simply yours.

Link users to tags

Finally, we’ve also added the ability to link users to tags so that they will have access to assets when this tag is present. Want to link a whole team or sport? Easy. Just want to link one user to a specific tag? Simple.

Coming soon 👀

  • Video clipping
  • Marketplace
  • Link-in-bio analytics

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