Portland Pickles

Rafael Molina Harno

July 24, 2022

ScorePlay Blog Thumbnail Case Study Portland Pickles

The Portland Pickles are a collegiate baseball team in Oregon, plying their trade in the summer months. In their own words, they ‘play baseball from June to August and make memes the rest of the time.’ They chose ScorePlay so their meme-making can be efficient and optimised, with all their media assets automatically tagged and classified, and so they can also distribute them directly to their athletes. They created a fan-centred experience whilst simultaneously becoming an internet sensation on socials with their outlandish match activities and online interactions.

Rise and brine

The Pickles play during the summer months, and give college players the opportunity to maintain their level during the off-season. Concurrently, they provide a platform to maintain the athletes’ brands and look to amplify them even more. With a rotation of over 50 players on their roster, ScorePlay provides a solution that allows them to automatically distribute media assets to these athletes directly through the app. All of these athletes manage to get in the off-season what they are missing at college: easy access to their content so they can build their brand as well contribute to the amplification of the organisation’s brand. This brand-building is crucial to athletes looking to secure NIL deals and future professional deals, in a period of the season usually lacking in brand-building opportunities.

ScorePlay’s platform also gives the Pickles’ partners an easy way to access the assets they appear on. Their platform has over 30 partners added, from Wickles Pickles, to Manscaped and Pickle Finance, who can log in to their dedicated access and easily download and edit. This was an immediate win for the Portland Pickles so that they could provide their partners with additional value.

The Portland Pickles began utilising ScorePlay in the spring of 2022, and it’s been a massive help not only for organising our media all in one searchable place, but also distributing photos and videos to our players for use on their personal social media. The addition of this platform to our workflow has saved us countless hours when trying to find the right photo or video for a social media post, email or ad, and increased number of athletes sharing Pickles content on their pages. Kayla Knapp, Director of Social Media and Content

Kings of the wild wild west coast

As well as running the team on a day-to-day basis, holding events for their fans involving their mascot Dillon T Pickle, operating the Wild Wild West League, the Pickles focus their effort on having a fantastic digital strategy that has earned them fans and fame around the country. They are constantly churning out quality content to tell stories, and interact with their fans on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Memes are one thing, but an organised content space is another. The work that goes on behind the scenes to maintain the Pickles brand when they aren’t playing is immense, and they required a workspace that would help them create high quality and engaging content for their fans and national following. As displayed below, they created a viral campaign for Manscaped by merging their new partner's industry with humour, accumulating over 70K likes and nationwide visibility.

ScorePlay’s platform gave them an all-in-one media collaboration platform that they could adjust to their specific workflows, and tailor to their pain points and needs. They now save hours of time, avoid overlapping work, and have an infrastructure in place that will continue to archive their content and optimise their processes in the future. An amazing digital strategy has allowed a minor league baseball team to grow into a brand recognised by hundreds of thousands of people and followed by some of the biggest athletes and teams in the country.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay provides a media asset management solution for sports organisations looking to optimise their workflows and processes so they can focus on content creation. The tool uses AI to automatically detect athletes and partners, classify each asset, and dedicated apps make distribution extremely simple. All the time that would usually be spent organising and keeping track of all the creative assets can be spent on developing a digital strategy and implementing creative ideas.

From soccer, to basketball, baseball and golf, ScorePlay is the media asset manager made for sports organisations by sports organisations. Start your free trial today.

Photo credit: Portland Pickles
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