Athlete Brands in the NWSL

Rafael Molina Harno

May 16, 2023

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The NWSL is one of the most successful franchise leagues in sports, and has shown how to build a league from the ground up, creating closer connections between fans, clubs and players while pushing the limits of innovation and creativity. One of the things that makes the NWSL so entertaining, apart from the elite level of soccer played weekly, is the visual storytelling of the athletes, heroes and idols of people around the country. They've managed to build huge athlete brands that benefit the players, the clubs, and the league all at once. Fans follow athletes, and this is evidenced in attendances, that are up to an average of over 15K, compared to 3K 10 years ago - fanbases are growing and in no small part because of the strength of athlete brands. We wanted to showcase some of the best athlete brands in the NWSL, such as Alex Morgan, Kristie Mewis, Sydney Leroux, and Crystal Dunn, and how ScorePlay’s automatic distribution helps them get their club content to compliment their promotional and personal content.

Some of the best athlete brands in the NWSL

Alex Morgan (SD Wave FC) is the athlete brand of athlete brands, with over 10 million followers on Instagram and 3.7 million on Twitter, she has downloaded over 250 images from the ScorePlay App this year to post. She had 27 endorsement deals in 2022, more than any other female athlete, and her family and game content are extremely popular with her millions of fans. She is also a prominent advocate for women's soccer and is involved in philanthropic causes like her foundation which she also promotes on socials. She uses her social media for her endorsements, like Coca-Cola, and for showing off her classy arrival pics and pitch perfect Jay-Z references. She really does Run This Town, without a Reasonable Doubt. What makes Alex Morgan special is that she epitomises the dream of so many young girls across the country with her achievements on both club and international level, while continuing to find time to fight for causes she believes and will make women's sports and the world better for the future.

Kristie Mewis (Gotham FC) has a strong presence on TikTok, with 30K followers, and over 55K on Twitter, having downloaded over 100 times from the ScorePlay app. She is known for her great fashion content (catch her outfit choices on her TikTok - bargains and class combined) and is part of the ultimate soccer power couple with Sam Kerr (Chelsea FC striker and recent WSL Player of the Year). ScorePlay assists Mewis in getting her content to fans, building her brand, and promoting Gotham FC. She does the rest. And we just can't get enough of this couple.

Syd Leroux (Angel City) is an icon in every sense of the word. From her advocacy of equality, her super mom qualities as she juggles being an elite level athlete and mom of two, as well as her ability to pull off Prada double denim - no mean feat. Her recent feature on Women’s Health cemented her place as a legend and ultimate athlete brand. With ScorePlay, she gets all the game content she needs and is able to post minutes after the end of games in a few clicks. She even found the time to build her Chihuahua's brand up on Twitter too. Dog brands importance > Athlete brands importance.

Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns) is a co-founder of Black Women’s Player Collective, a foundation of 50 athletes pushing for more inclusivity in the sport by using their voice, and is known for her match and media day content. With 326K followers on Instagram and 150K on Twitter, Dunn has built a strong following, downloading from ScorePlay over 75 times. ScorePlay helps her share her content with ease, allowing her to continue to build her brand as she becomes an idol to fans across America. In keeping with the animal theme, she has adopted several chickens, even naming one after her previous club, Chelsea, another called Toulouse (you can read how we started ScorePlay with Toulouse here - the club, not the chicken), as well as three cats (we love cat content too, can't lie). And she loves showing off her championship ring.

ScorePlay’s athlete content distribution

ScorePlay's automatic athlete content distribution is a game-changer for athletes looking to build their brands. It makes distributing content easy by providing a platform that enables athletes to share their content with fans quickly and efficiently. With ScorePlay, athletes like Alex Morgan, Kristie Mewis, Sydney Leroux, and Crystal Dunn can easily distribute their content, build their brands, and connect with their fans.

The process is simple, and uses AI facial recognition. Every asset is automatically tagged in every photo and video they are present in, and these assets are made available to them immediately on their Mobile Athlete App. One little notification chime. One slide to unlock. One click to post to Instagram. All done in just a few seconds, minutes after the final whistle. After last season’s win in the playoff Quarter-finals, SD Wave were able to share all the content their players were posting immediately at full-time in their story - celebrating the win as they should.

And simply put, ease of access means players post more. It’s that simple. When we examined how ScorePlay improved how much Wolves’ players post, the results were astounding: 146% increase compared to the months prior to onboarding. Try ScorePlay for your athlete brands too. Contact us below.

Photo credit: San Diego Wave FC
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