Motherwell FC

Victorien Tixier

March 22, 2022

ScorePlay Blog Thumbnail Case Study Motherwell

Motherwell one of our first clubs to sign up when we provided a basic media hub for storage and classification. Since then they have seen the progress and had an influence with their requests and insights on their workflows. Their efficiency means they can now focus on creativity, and since starting to use ScorePlay, the media team at Motherwell has won the Best Digital/ Social Media team at the Football Business Awards, and came 2nd this year again, beating clubs like Manchester United, Leicester City and Everton. Statement.

Pre-ScorePlay woe

Like most clubs in Scotland, before signing up for the platform, Motherwell worked with a central agency that covered all their matches. Their workflow was not resource heavy, but inefficient and did not allow them to take socials by the scruff of the neck and benefit from their players’ marketing power as ambassadors. After the 90 minutes on match-day, they would have to wait for the photographer to send the assets back to the agency HQ in Glasgow, before waiting for them to sort them and re-upload them to the website. All in all, the process was slow and filled with bottlenecks. Delays were normal, waiting was just part of the service. Posting at half-time was always a struggle.

‘We found that players right away would want to get on the team bus, say 30-45 minutes after the game had finished, and they're sitting on the bus they've got a long journey back home, they want to be reading what the fans are saying on Twitter, they want to be posting pics themselves on Instagram celebrating the result.’ - Laura Brannan, Senior Video Producer

In terms of their players, they were not able to provide them with the photos that they wanted post match. Laura notes that the bus journey back home is the most crucial period to get assets to your players as it is in this brief time that they go on social media and want to post and interact with fans. Delays lead to lack of posting, interactions - and more waiting just caused frustration, with impatient messages on WhatsApp coming through. The issue was the same as above, the marketing team was waiting for the photos and then eventually they’d message the players to let them know their Dropbox folder was filled. The whole process was a problem, because every player needed their own folder, which had to be filled individually and manually - an organisational nightmare.

Post-ScorePlay glee

Ever since they signed up for the problem, their experience has been infinitely faster and simpler. So many of their previous tasks are now automated and saved them so much of their time. Now, during a live game, they have an FTP setup with the agency, so the photographer’s assets are fed directly into the live validation section of the ScorePlay platform, so the team can immediately decide whether they push them to their players or to use on their club social media. All the photos are immediately tagged by AI so they get notifications directly on their Athlete app while they’re in the showers, so by the time they get to the bus they have every thing they need. Twitter post, Instagram story, whatever they need - all in one click directly on their phone. No more WhatsApp, no more Dropbox, just happy athletes who are ready to interact on socials. The club benefits from the increased posting from players and is able to retweet or repost to leverage their players’ followings.

Big thanks to Laura for taking the time to chat with us! If you want to improve your workflows by centralising, classifying and distributing your media assets to your players and partners, get in touch to start your free trial today. Seamlessly, simply, ScorePlay.

Photo credit: Motherwell FC
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