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Dhruv Tewari

August 10, 2022

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Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, and the Indian Premier League (IPL) enjoys huge success year-on-year. For two months, 10 teams play home & away all over the country. Stadiums are packed with passionate fans, and this buzz isn’t just offline - IPL teams enjoy a myriad of fans on social media. On Instagram alone, the teams have an average following of 5 million, with Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians well over 10 million each. Players themselves have huge followings, with Virat Kohli (India and Royal Challengers Bangalore) having over 200 million followers. The potential reach for teams is astronomical.

Much content, no management

Over the course of the two-month season, teams produce hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, and creative assets. On Instagram alone, IPL teams post around 20 times per matchday, and more on Twitter and Facebook. In a world where everyone is trying to capture the attention of their fans, there’s no time to waste. A condensed schedule means that content workflows have to be efficient, along with a need to distribute the assets to the players immediately. Content teams cannot sit for hours going through Dropbox or Google Drive, sorting through every media file manually, before painstakingly sending photos on WhatsApp or WeTransfer to every player. ScorePlay offers a solution to this problem by automating workflows, facilitating collaboration and enabling brand amplification, from the photographer’s lens, to the fan’s device. Content is important, but distribution is crucial. Without the right tool, teams cannot leverage their most powerful ambassadors and adequately grow their brand.

Player and fan engagement

On social media, the players have a combined following of around 5x that of the club. Thanks to ScorePlay’s simplified workflows and dedicated player apps, you can easily distribute assets to your players, making it easy for them to post on socials. All a player needs to do is scan a QR code on their app and they’ll have immediate access to their content. Other sports have experienced an immediate increase in posting when distribution and access to content is simplified. Especially in the off-season, when fans are eagerly waiting for the IPL to return, teams should drive engagement online by forging a digital strategy around content and their players, using storytelling to highlight attributes and elements of their personality. All of this is made easier with easy access to content.

ScorePlay’s UGC feature means that teams can also engage fans by generating campaigns and contests, or celebrating milestones with them. An opportunity to capture the drama and the emotion that the fans experience right from source, our UGC feature turns fans into content creators. All content collected is fed directly to the library on the platform and immediately captures the media rights. A simple and extremely effective tool to maximise fan engagement and to truly make them feel like the 12th player.

About ScorePlay

Choose a media asset management solution dedicated to the sports industry. Newsbridge, Greenfly or PhotoShelter offer alternative solutions but having a tool that has been designed by sports organisations for sports organisations is key to delivering inspiring content to cricket fans around the globe. No tailoring, no workarounds, no fixes, no setup - just the perfect MAM for sports clubs wanting to optimise their digital strategy so they can focus on content creation and promoting their biggest ambassadors.

  • Make your vast library of content instantly useable and searchable. Thanks to facial and text recognition, every photo and video is labelled correctly with players and partners.
  • A team can archive their entire history on the platform, making sure they have quality content to deliver to fans, even months and years after the events take place.
  • Automated distribution channels means that players and partners get their photos and videos directly on their apps.
  • Leverage the influence of key stakeholders and improve sponsorship packages and partner relations by proving a ROI.

Be at the forefront of the media revolution in cricket, get in touch to start your free trial today. Seamlessly, simply, ScorePlay.

Photo credit: Gloucestershire Cricket Club
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