A guide to media asset management

Rafael Molina Harno

March 1, 2022


Searching for that perfect photo to commemorate your captain’s decade at the club? Spending hours finding the ideal shot of your all-time top scorer from the 70s? Fear not, your archives are just a step away from being easily accessible. Find your digital media assets easily. Share photos to a group automatically. Have a tagged bank of digital media assets with automated metadata so your assets are archived.

What exactly is a MAM?

Traditionally, clubs and organisations relied on traditional media to spread content, but today the important ‘media’ are at their fingertips and a Media asset manager makes them easy to grasp. MAMma mia! Media Asset Management describes the process of sorting your digital media assets, and the software that does all the hard work. Media asset manager means centralisation, an increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as ease of collaboration of digital media assets.

Storage, simplicity and searchability

A sports organisation is so much more than just what happens on the pitch. Whether its training pictures, press conferences, photoshoots or charity events, clubs are now media companies that are producing media assets every single day. These digital assets are financially valuable and crucial for fan engagement, and they need to be stored. There could be hard copies, you could use Drive or Dropbox, some files will have names, others complex metadata which is hard to search for, and some hard copies are just sitting in a dusty cupboard. Media asset managers aren’t about how much you store, but how you store your media assets.

Find the Media asset manager made for you and turn your previously nigh unusable content and media assets into exploitable assets that can be easily searched for and accessed with a few clicks. You can instantly and efficiently distribute the media assets to the right people.

Efficiency and productivity

The right platform will centralise your media assets (archives, videos, live, edited content etc.) on an all-in-one platform, before classifying them using metadata and tags, in order to distribute faster and more efficiently. It allows your team to easily search through your media database, increasing your organisation’s publication speed, and will lead to an upturn in your team’s productivity, with a reduction in wasted resources and media assets in a streamlined process.

The ScorePlay team is super engaged and the product is evolving quickly. Thanks to the app, players get their photos immediately and are 10 times more likely to post. Josh Lane, Creative Director at New Mexico United

Tracking and collaboration

What more could we learn from a great Media asset manager I hear you cry? The centralisation of media assets means that everyone can access the content from the same place and this gives you a better ability to track. The process of managing your media assets can be streamlined and improved as you learn what assets are valuable, who is using them, and how the world is reacting to them. Finally, this all-in-one platform simplifies your need for collaboration with different parties (team members, sponsors, partners, players etc.). 3rd party? 4th party? 7th? 9th? Just one big party on the correctly chosen Media asset manager.

About ScorePlay

We offer a solution that’s been tailored for sports organisations by sports organisations, unlike PhotoShelter, Greenfly or Newsbridge. The product was developed through private betas with clubs so we could understand the exact needs of sports clubs and provide solutions. This means your organisation can have the perfect Media asset manager on a consolidated all-in-one platform that will centralise, classify, and distribute your media assets, thereby increasing your ROI.

Photo credit: Real Sociedad
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