Maximising ROI in sports MAM

Josh Krakowsky

February 12, 2022

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Sports teams and organisations are increasingly turning to media asset management (MAM) solutions such as AI-powered ScorePlay to manage their sports media content, from photos to videos and broadcast. The goal? Maximising return on investment and taking advantage of the vast swathes of valuable assets at their disposal. This article will discuss strategies for using MAM solutions to optimise ROI for sports teams and organisations.

Centralise, centralise, centralise

MAM solutions provide a centralised hub for all media assets, whether photos or videos, to enabling sports teams to store, manage and access their digital assets quickly and easily. ScorePlay’s AI creates a completely searchable curated library of content by integrating with calendars, and then tagging athletes and partners automatically. With access to all of the assets in a single location, sports organisations can quickly and easily identify the assets they need and access them from anywhere with cloud-based software. That means they can be reactive on socials, and an entire organisation can be part of the media workflow. Additionally, MAM solutions provide sports organisations with powerful analytics capabilities, which can help them better understand their assets and how they are being used, whether by their athletes, or their internal teams.


One of the key strategies for maximising ROI with MAM solutions is to ensure that the assets are used efficiently - no more wasted opportunities for visual storytelling. Sports organisations should take advantage of the analytics capabilities of MAM solutions to better understand how assets are being used, and to identify any areas where assets could be used more efficiently. For example, sports organisations can use analytics to identify which athletes and partners are the most engaged with their assets. This means they can be better prepared in terms of the assets provided, but also for potential activations to know which athletes and partners will best placed to maximise their brand and visibility.

Team work makes the dream work

Finally, teams and organisations should take advantage of the collaboration capabilities of MAM solutions. MAM solutions such as ScorePlay provide sports organisations with the ability to collaborate on Projects in real-time, which can help them optimise their ROI. Whether it’s internal or external partners, sports teams can use ScorePlay to share assets with team members and other stakeholders, enabling them to collaborate on projects quickly and easily, such as a partner activation or kit launch. This can help sports teams to ensure that their projects are completed on time with everyone’s approval. The best work comes from collaboration is much more likely to be completed not just on time, but to be successful.

About ScorePlay

The centralisation, classification and distribution of sports media assets needs to be consolidated on a single platform for a seamless real-time experience free of manual bottlenecks. This helps sports organisations to maximise their return on investment, as well as take advantage of the value they already have at their fingertips. Your content is worth more than you think - use it.

Long has the sports media landscape relied on a variety of tools that crowd creative teams and disrupt a logical efficient workflow (from PhotoShelter, Dropbox or Newsbridge for storage, and Greenfly for distribution). The new generation of sports fans demand social-media-ready content in real-time as they consume, and having an all-in-one allows sports organisations to be versatile in their content strategy.

ScorePlay is the media hub built for the sports industry. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting, from club-photographer content, to UGC all through ScorePlay Pulse. Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo and video sharing made easy.

Photo credit: Scottish FA & 1. FC Köln

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