Importance of real-time content

Rafael Molina Harno

September 27, 2022

Website Blog Thumbnail Importance of Real Time content

One of our main goals at ScorePlay is to give sports organisations a content distribution software so that their athletes have immediate access to photos and videos that are being taken during games, tournaments or races. The brave new world we live in is one of moments. The rise of short-form content, reels, TikToks, likes, retweets and comments means capturing these sporting moments is crucial to engage fans. Real-time content is the goal, ScorePlay is the answer.

Real-time photo content

Sports photography is all about moments, because capturing the golden instances that freeze history in time, means being the source of infinite memories for fans, clubs and players alike. Whether capturing match footage in football, or a baseball game, or golf tournament, sports fans have an insatiable need to be connected to their favourite sports and athletes in a digital world.

'All the players love the app. We have new signings coming in, and discovering it for the first time. that’s where we see the most value coming through. Players are happier, and it makes our life easier - it’s a no-brainer.' Sven Houston - Marketing manager at Hearts

They all want to have that content as soon as it's available, from live score updates during the game to behind-the-scenes storytelling about their favourite idols. Whether photos, videos, GIFs or graphics to engage their fans, those organisations who can put it out in real time can truly benefit from fever pitch. Our clients see the immediate benefit of having their photos fed directly from camera to their platform via FTP, with every asset automatically recognised and tagged by our AI with athletes, partners and relevant metadata. Before using ScorePlay, clubs complained of hours or even days before they could get the right content out to their players and fans. Today, MLS club Orlando City have their players posting on socials within 5 minutes of full-time thanks to our automatic photo push to their Athletes App - no sitting ducks, just a happy Alexandre Pato. It is the easiest way to share photos with a group of athletes.

  • 5 minutes from photographer’s camera to Athlete App and Instagram
  • 2K asset downloads in 3 months (Orlando City players)
  • 350% player post-game social media posting (Sacramento Republic)

Whether from Hearts, Motherwell or Sacramento Republic, the feedback is always the same: getting real-time content to their players is their most important marketing asset. The simplest of apps, doing the most obvious of tasks, in real time. Sports organisations have athletes with huge followings and providing them with the right content at the right time means organisations can take advantage of those to boost their own engagement and reach.

Live video feed

We also know how valuable video content is for sports organisations these days. One of the features we’ve developed recently is Live Broadcast Integration where any livestream can be fed directly into your ScorePlay media hub platform and a recording can be saved. This allows organisations to have it scanned by our AI and time-tagged with where athletes and partners appear, but also gives them the ability to immediately start clipping videos and creating short-form content without having to go through 17 different steps before receiving the huge file from their broadcaster. The Amundi Evian Championship used this in their 2022 instalment of the Women’s Golf major. Photo and video go hand-in-hand so get yourself a platform that does both. An all-in-one media workspace for all your media needs.

ScorePlay: making real-time reality

A media hub software like ScorePlay not only allows storage of streams and archives but acts as a dynamic tool that helps every internal team work more efficiently and faster every day, and is the absolute best way to share photos and videos with a group of athletes and foster sports engagement. With our AI, photos and videos are shared directly to partners and athletes, this means they are instantly accessible. Saving time means that not only are you getting more from every creative asset in your MAM library but you’re also actively spending more time on creating the best possible assets to amplify your brand. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting. Storytelling simplified and collaborative photo sharing made easy.

Want to explore how the most innovative brands in sports manage their real-time content? Start your 14-day free trial today.

Photo credit: Real Sociedad
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