How Motherwell FC uses ScorePlay.

We had the pleasure to chat with Laura Brannan, Senior Video Producer at Scottish Premiership Club Motherwell FC. They recently partnered with ScorePlay to optimise the management and distribution of their photos and videos.
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Motherwell FC has built one of the strongest football brand in the UK and beyond, thanks to their community focused strategy. Motherwell's media team, composed of Grant Russell, Ally Reilly, Laura Brannan and Scott Gibson, recently beat Bristol City, Everton. Leicester City, Manchester United to lift the coveted Best Digital/Social Media award at the Football Business Awards. We had the pleasure to chat with Senior Video Producer Laura Brannan about how ScorePlay has helped them with their internal workflows, empowering the players to build their brand and leverage their influence.

What was your media process before ScorePlay?

We work very closely with an agency, in Scotland most clubs do, which is a central agency that covers all the matches for us. What would happen is: On a match day we would have to wait for the [agency] photographer to send back the photos to the agency base in Glasgow and then they go through them and upload them to the website which was quite a slow process especially in terms of maybe the first half doing like live updates from games and we'd be kind of struggling for photos to come through that time so that that was a bit of a pain. In terms of full time as well, we found that players right away would want to get on the team bus, say 30-45 minutes after the game had finished, and they're sitting on the bus they've got a long journey back home, they want to be reading what the fans are saying on Twitter, they want to be posting pics themselves on Instagram celebrating the result. The problem was that we were waiting for that photographer to upload and then for the desk to upload and for us to then spot what has came in and have to cut it and upload and then tell the players "By the way your photos are in!". We used Dropbox which was just so fiddly because we'd have a folder per player and we'd have to manually download the photo, find the player's folder, upload the photo, alert them to let them know the photos there. Sometimes they were getting patient they'd be texting us "Have you got any pictures from today?"

How has ScorePlay helped you?

ScorePlay changed all that really. It's made it such a quicker process, so much more straightforward. It just does it all automatically for us. It's reduced so much of our time. What happens now is: During a live game we have an FTP setup with the agency now. So when the photographer takes the photos, it can come straight from his camera into the holding room on ScorePlay for us to then check which one to push either to the players or for our own use on social media. It's so much quicker. We can then just save all the photos the AI reads exactly who are these players, they get the notifications while they're still in the shower getting ready after the game. So by the time they've actually left the dressing room, changed and are ready to go home, they've got the notification on their phone and they're having their fun with it. They're cutting their photos and they're posting everything. Players are so much happier with it! We don't get any impatient text messages anymore asking where the photos are, it's so much more straightforward.

What impact has ScorePlay had?

I think a big part of before was - because we were manually putting them into individual folders - we would maybe be reluctant putting in like a group celebration photo into everyone's folder and I would have to maybe say to the guys it was a big goal can you just put it into everyone's folder copy and paste, copy and paste. Whereas now if there's a group celebration and there's eight players in it they automatically get that and they might not be the one that scored the goal but you'll find that they're sharing the photo as well we are finding now more players are posting immediately after full time after a good result which then in turn means the club can retweet it and tweet it and share it on our instagram stories and so we we all benefit in that sense.

How would you describe ScorePlay's onboarding?

The process of using ScorePlay definitely saved us time, like ridiculous amounts of time. It's been so straightforward, so easy to use, right from the off it was just yep we've got it, it works.

Big thanks to Laura for taking the time to chat with us! Watch a longer conversation we recorded where we dove a bit deeply in the Media strategy of the club.


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