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Victorien Tixier

April 14, 2022


User-generated engagement

Social media allows to gather large crowds from all over the world in a way that is simply impossible in reality. Sports organisations have an entertainment product like no other with idols, drama and millions of fans waiting on the latest news about their favourite club or player. Harness that entertainment, enthral your fans, and brand amplification is an inevitable consequence. And what better way to engage your fans than by bringing them into the fold?

Second screens have transformed the fan experience, and sports organisations have the chance to offer fans an enhanced experience which is not available in the stadium. User-generated content (UGC) can provide a baseline for this community-building. The rise of web 2.0 and social media means that platforms are two-way communication channels, and yet the consumer side is often forgotten. Sports organisations already have an army of content creators at their fingertips that allow them to reach certain markets more effectively than they ever could. UGC increases conversion rates, and its innate authenticity and social proof are key factors in its effectiveness through micro-influencers.

Fan playground

When we began speaking to our beta clubs about how this fan playground could look like, we settled on an initial idea. Simplifying user-generated content was our first step as the pain point remained of how to gather fan content seamlessly at scale. In the past (and in the present if you haven’t signed up to ScorePlay yet), clubs have tried WhatsApp groups, emails, Twitter callouts ... but these methods cannot be used on a large scale and demand a huge amount of effort on the part of very few people in order to extract any kind of value. But we specialise in media asset management, so why not have UGC fed directly into our clubs’ platforms?

Making it easy for our clubs ✅

All we needed now, was a way to give fans an effortless experience. We decided that the best place to implement our plan, was to create link-in bios on our clubs’ social media pages. This would allow fans to interact with their team, where they already are on match-days, making it easy for them to engage. The result? Slick link-in bios where fans can easily make submissions directly from their phone and favourite social media platform.

Making it easy for their fans ✅

Over the weekend we conducted our first trial and you can read all about the results in the case study we’ll release at the end of the week.

ScorePlay: fan first, consumer second

Our new fan playground allows clubs to engage their fans directly on social media. This new fan-centred update offers opportunities for UGC which can be especially valuable during celebrations. If anyone has ever celebrated a win with their team, they know that feeling of pure elation and feeling of community. We took a new approach and veered away from the classic club-app model, as we wanted to create something for our clubs that put the emphasis on the fans, and allowed them to interact directly, so they can truly feel like the 12th man.

ScorePlay optimises media asset processes so sports organisations can concentrate on content creation to further engage their fans. Live mode allows assets to be processed directly from photographer’s cameras through FTP connection and the dedicated Athlete App makes it easy for the club’s best ambassadors to post immediately after games, without the hassle of Google Drive or Dropbox. Simple.

Photo credit: Stade Rochelais
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