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Rafael Molina Harno

November 6, 2022

Athletico-PR Case Study Thumbnail ScorePlay

Founded in 1924, Club Athletico Paranaense decided 2022 was the year to upgrade their digital asset management strategy. They required a solution which would automate the classification of their media assets, and how they share photos and videos to their athletes and partners. ScorePlay was able to implement an AI platform to tag their photos and videos and save them hundreds of hours of time.

Athlete distribution

Since the summer, Athletico-PR have been using ScorePlay’s software to share photos and videos with their athletes daily. In a little over 4 months, they have produced 36K media assets, that are perfectly classified and organised on the platform with our events classification. Instead of the classic Dropbox or PhotoShelter antiquated ‘Folder’ logic, we automatically integrate with each club’s sporting calendar, so their events (e.g., match, training, press conference etc.) are automatically created, and every media upload is already put in the right place, whether manual or via FTP. Once this is done, the AI runs on every digital asset, and uses facial and text recognition to tag both players and partners with 99% accuracy. Once the process finishes, each player is notified on the Athlete App, and they can immediately access all their photos.

The Athlete App was designed to make sharing photos and content with athletes as simple as possible. Login and onboarding is done in seconds with a simple QR code, and from that point, they are notified when their photos are available. The digital assets can be shared directly on social media in one click, fostering brand engagement and amplification by utilising a club’s best marketing assets.

All-in-one media hub

As well as athlete distribution, ScorePlay offers all the features you would need in digital asset management tool. Partner distribution means your sponsors can also receive their content automatically without hours of combing through digital assets and creating different folders to then share over WhatsApp at 2AM the next day. Atletico-PR wanted to get rid of their past with 6 different tools used, and move to an optimised solution that provided everything that they needed.

  • 47 athletes and staff receiving photos on the Athlete App.
  • 8 partners onboarded
  • 70 daily player downloads
  • 3000 player downloads in just a few months

Editing tools, automated watermarking, analytics, media collaboration workflows, ability to share externally to media and 3rd parties, video clipping and sharing, video collaboration etc. The list goes on. ScorePlay offered them an all-in-one solution that could be implemented and taken advantage of across the organisation and across departments.

Start your free trial today to see how you can optimise your media collaboration workflows and media asset management.

Photo credit: Athletico-PR
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