1. FC Köln partners with ScorePlay

Rafael Molina Harno

October 7, 2022


1. FC Köln Overview:

1. FC Köln are a Bundesliga team founded in 1948 in West Germany - a region steeped in history and football heritage with teams such as Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Mönchengladbach. They have long had a history of community support and great link between fans and club. They wanted to further foster that relationship by optimising their media asset management to focus on creation and distribution, after being back in Europe for the first time since 2017 following a hugely successful season. They decided to conduct an RFP to find the best solution to their problems.

Challenges faced

With several matches a week, as well as training, press events and conferences, esports events and partnership activations, 1. FC Köln has a huge weekly influx of media assets that require centralisation and classification in order to be properly usable. They decided to supercharge their new digital strategy with an infrastructure that would allow them to innovate and concentrate on creation, with a tool that automated everything.

They required a media asset management platform made for the sports industry. Moreover, they wanted a solution that would offer them easy access and searchability of their content, optimising their distribution to athletes, as well as provide value to their partners and monetise their content through a marketplace. ScorePlay provided them with this all-in-one solution.


  • 2.5K photos a week
  • 16 hours of videos
  • Hundreds of content assets

The ScorePlay solution

1. FC Köln chose ScorePlay as their official all-in-one media toolkit in September 2022, so we deployed our AI-powered classification to begin tagging and sorting their assets and archives. This was an incredible shift compared to what they used before. The solution provided them with, amongst others:

  • Automatic tagging of players and partners with the use of face and word detection
  • Sporting calendar integration for automated sorting and organisation
  • Live ingestion of assets with the use ScorePlay’s FTP connector directly from photographer’s camera
  • Automatic distribution to athletes and partners directly through the ScorePlay Athlete app

ScorePlay Media Hub

During the season, 1. FC Köln produces about 9k media assets every month, with their players looking to post and download in the immediate aftermath of both games and training. The club knew the value they could get from making it easy for their athletes to share club-related assets online, leveraging their huge followings to amplify the club’s brand.

Their athletes are more than just their players: they’re the biggest ambassadors and marketing asset. After being onboarded, the players use the ScorePlay App to get their pictures immediately after games and can post directly to social media in just one click. Their sponsors are notified of any tagged collection of assets and can access them directly through their dedicated platform.

With the use of ScorePlay’s extensive permissions system, 1. FC Köln gives 90 users across their organisation the correct access, whether marketing, media rights, sponsorships, photographers, graphic designers or sales.

1. FC Köln x ScorePlay: the numbers

  • 2.5K assets per week
  • 5.5K assets downloaded by players during trial
  • 100-200 daily player downloads
  • 98% of first team squad use the App weekly
  • 90+ different users across the club
  • 9 different teams onboarded (from u-17s to esports)
  • 12 partners were added to give them dedicated access to assets

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay is the all-in-one media toolkit for live and archived sports content. Powered by indexing-AI and a tag-based classification approach, ScorePlay provides a centralised accessibility to content by detecting faces and words, and automating distribution. Increased time dedicated to creation gives teams the opportunity to execute their digital strategy, leading to increased engagement, more comments, more posting and an amplified brand.

Whether it’s managing your live workflows, editing and sharing content, organising your events, archiving your historical content, content requests or monetisation - ScorePlay offers a simple solution for your sports organisation. The only solution on the market that has been made for sports, by sports.

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Photo credit: 1. FC Köln
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